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Our Escape Games / Room Escape Games are above the ordinary experience you may have received when playing other escape rooms. We believe in multi-room games (such as Escape Game Puzzles).  Each game will have 2 or more rooms to access, explore and interact with. Just like a play has multiple acts, our Escape Room Games have multiple rooms to build the excitement and sense of discovery. Enjoy Escape Room Puzzles with a group and experience the thrill and excitement in our best escape rooms.

Walking into our rooms is like walking onto a movie set. You will feel like you were in the theme location and time period. We go to great lengths to ensure you receive a wonderful experience.

Location and Parking to our Escape Room

Our location is easy to find in Eastern Idaho Falls at 763 S Woodruff Ave between 12th St and John Adams. We are in the shopping plaza across the street (just North) from the East Idaho Credit Union.

Ample FREE parking, including a handicap space, is available right in front of our office.


Our office and games are accommodating to handicapped and disabled customers. We’ve designed our games to support the use of wheelchairs.


ConFundrum realizes children don’t stop being children when they turn 12. We offer discounted pricing for three different age groups; Young Children (0-5) are FREE, Children (6-11), Teens (12-17) and adults (18 and above). College students and Seniors are provided a $6 discount. Veterans (active, retired, or prior service) are provided a $3 discount.

College students must present Student ID cards when appearing for the game in order to retain the discount available at booking.

We may ask Senior Citizens to provide photo ID when appearing for the game in order to retain discounts available at booking.

Still not convinced?

If after reading the above, you are still unsure whether we are the right experience for you, please check our FaceBook page, Yelp and Google listings for pictures of our rooms. We have some pictures of the rooms for you to view to get a better understanding of our offerings. We have selectively chosen to prevent spoilers as we don’t want to ruin the game.

Finally, if you still have doubts, please stop by our offices and we’d be happy to let you take quick peek into the first room of the game. What? Yes, we want to you be very comfortable with your experience at ConFundrum and see the value we have to offer. You won’t be permitted to take pictures or interact with anything as that would simply give you an unfair advantage, but we will open the door and let you take a 20-30 second look in at the room if you’d like.

Below are some of the reactions we’ve seen while guests are playing the games:

“This is better than watching TV”

“These rooms look amazing”

“Wow, I want that in my house”

“That is so cool!”

Escape Rooms or Escape Room Games/ Room Escape Games are an opportunity to have a group puzzle solving experience testing your powers of observation and puzzle solving skills. Build teamwork and bond with others in ways you cannot do elsewhere. Escape Room Puzzles are fun and exciting!

Locate clues and solve riddles hidden in the room to advance to the next level of the game and ultimately solve the puzzles to achieve your goals for the theme of the game.

Call to Action

  1. Build your team – Gather family and friends.
  2. Select your Game – Reserve your date and time.
  3. Observe and Solve – Locate the clues and work together to solve the puzzles.
  4. Succeed – Beat the clock, time is your enemy and fast thinking may be needed!


More Escape Rooms

Once you’ve played our games and you’re looking for more, visit Room Escape Artists – Find A Room to find more.

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