About Us

We are an exciting family friendly entertainment game that will bring your friends and family closer together by helping them communicate, develop a sense of self-confidence and teamwork.

Having played a lot of escape games ourselves, we’ve discovered what doesn’t work, is boring and repetitive. We’ve also learned what works best, is fun, engaging and interactive. We’ve developed a passion to share this hobby or obsession with others. We continue to hear from friends and people I run into that Idaho Falls has little in the way of entertainment.

We are a family run business that brings our talents and skills to play in designing a wonderful experience for our guests. Thomas has 40+ years of experience in home construction, remodeling, and fire restoration. He understands how to make design and architecture come together for a wonderfully designed and functional environment. Michael served in the Air Force for 9 years as an aircraft electrician and has 20+ years experience as a computer programmer. His skills provide the technology and amazing functionality that helps limit the lock boxes in our rooms and adds to the amazing special effects in our games. Jessica has 4+ years working in theater and set design. Her input into the games provides an invaluable aid in the dynamics and immersion felt in our games and puzzles.

Please keep the following things in mind before booking your reservation:

  1. First, our games contain challenging riddles and are designed to be thrilling and exciting.
  2. Please also be aware that in order to keep the games fair, cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not needed or permitted to be used inside the games.
  3. Your team will need to rely on old-fashioned brain power and logic to make your escape!