What are Escape Games in Escape Rooms

If you are unaware of what are escape games inĀ escape rooms, they are were a group of friends or even strangers are put in a room thats locked for 60mins-2hrs even, all depends on the Escape Room. In the room there are various hints, clues & puzzles to solve to get one step closer to getting out of the escape room. In the Escape Room various Escape Games are placed to be solved.

There can be various types of Escape Games, from solving puzzles to finding a clue and having your team brain solve and work together to escape the room. Escape Rooms have difficulty levels for the Escape Games to be more harder and requiring more teamwork and of course easier ones.

Escape Room Puzzles and Games

Escape Room Puzzles are very common in any escape room. Our Puzzles offer a amazing group and team effort to solve and to escape the room.

Idaho Falls, ID offers a wide range of different escape rooms within the area, however the escape rooms we have offer more of a investigation to solve mysteries and clues to escape. You can book a private event for your group or team up with others to crack the different puzzles. Our escape rooms have level difficulties, Sherlock’s Study is rated 4 out of 5. So this room is a little more of a brain problem puzzle solving experienced escape room. Book Sherlock’s Study and witness the mystery of his kidnapper.

Our Escape room Exodus is about being captive in an Egyptian era were unlocking secrets is key for your escape. The room experience is rated 3 out of 5. Book Exodus Now and escape the Egyptian Palace.