FAQ’s Escape Rooms

Private Games Will I be playing with people I don’t know?

Unlike other Escape Room games, our rooms are a private experience for you, your family and friends that you invite.  We know that not everyone plays well together, thus all of our games are private with no extra charge.

We do this in order to ensure you have a wonderful experience and never have to be concerned with the safety of your children or friends.  Unless otherwise stated, our games can be solved with 2 or more people, although when there are fewer people playing the game can be more challenging.  Provided you do not give up, work together as a team and communicate, you can make a successful escape.

Can my kids participate? / Do I have to be a genius?

We encourage you to bring children to participate in the game as a family. There is nothing in the game that requires special training. Everything you need is present in the game. You simply need to have a willingness to work as a team and be persistent. Often times allowing younger children to participate can build self-confidence. Surprisingly some children see things adults miss.

What if I cannot solve a riddle or puzzle?

Teamwork is very important as you will need to work as a group to solve the puzzles. Clues are available if you become stumped and the group is unanimous in requesting a clue.


Our rooms all have a minimum of 2 rooms to each experience and the level of decoration and immersion is above standard for the area. If you’ve played other escape rooms, you’ve undoubtedly run into rooms that are just a series of lock boxes and have little or no decoration. We have gone to great lengths and expenses to ensure you actually feel like you are in the theme. Our fees are standard with the national average.

We realize that these games can become an expensive addiction and thus provide discounted prices for Teens (12-17), Children (5-11) and young children. We also provide discounts for college students, seniors, and veterans.

We will also offer occasional discounts so check our website regularly to book and save.

Are cell phones permitted in the room?

Our games do not require any outside knowledge to complete; thus you will not need your phone to look up anything. Everything needed is provided in the game. We do not permit the use of cell phone cameras and cameras in our rooms. We take pictures of your group after your gaming experience so you will have cherished memories. Use of cell phones for flashlights provides you an unfair advantage and diminishes your experience. Doing this will prevent you from being included on the leader board.

Can I play again?

Since our games are private, you can participate in the game again if desired. This may be desired if you did not succeed in solving all the puzzles or you want to introduce others to the game. It can be enjoyable watching your friends try the puzzles.

Do I really need to be on time?

The game clock will begin exactly at the time prescribed for your reservation. If you arrive late you will not have the entire time limit for the game. If another show that day has openings, we will try to accommodate however, there will be no refunds. Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the game begins. Since our games are private, others of your group will have the option of entering the room on time or waiting for the entire group to arrive and enter at the same time.

What can I do to prepare for the game?

All games are designed so that they don’t require any knowledge outside of the game. Simply come prepared well rested and ready to use your powers of observation and critical thinking skills. Some clues and puzzles will be very simple for some guests while difficult for others.

How many people are needed?

Each room will have a different minimum and a maximum number of players. The number of players is determined by how many people are required to solve one or more of the puzzles and the maximum number of players is determined by room size and the number of puzzles. We never want someone to feel left out because they don’t have anything to do. We also don’t want the room too crowded.

Can I reschedule my game?

Please try to book games only if you know you are available. We will allow changes provided we are given two days advance notice.

Can I get a refund?

Provided the request is given with two days (48 hours) advance notice, we can issue full refunds. A notice provided with one day (24 hours) advance notice will receive a 50% refund. Any notice given with less than 24 hours notice cannot be given any refund.

What is an Escape Game?

Have you heard of escape room games?  Escape Rooms or Escape Games, are a new entertainment activity that has been popping up all over the world. What exactly are they? While the term Escape Room is how the industry started, they have become more of a puzzle solving experience.  ConFundrum Escape Rooms focus on presenting fully immersive experiences that allow you, your family and friends step out of reality and into a puzzle style, real life video game. After the door closes, you will find that you have walked into a themed room.  You will need to work together to search for clues to successfully solve the puzzles in order to be victorious!

You are NEVER locked into our games.  Unless otherwise stated, all of our games are a multi-room experience.  While your game will always start in one room, there will almost always be at least 2 rooms to be experienced in the game.  Can you find out how to access the additional rooms and be successful?

Can you and your team enter the room, search for clues, solve riddles, and find keys to solve the theme before the clock runs out? You will have one hour to work with your team to find the tools necessary to succeed. There are no specific skills required to participate in our games; your team will need people with the power of observation and critical thinking skills in order to win.

Booking an escape game with your friends or family members is a fantastic way to work together and build bonds through a one of a kind experience. You will see each player use their individual skills to contribute to the team’s success! You may even learn something about your loved ones that you did not already know. Whether you come for a birthday party, family reunion, or just a rainy day, our games will help you make memories with that you will talk about for years to come. Our games also make fun times for bachelor and bachelorette parties! Change your normal routine and instead of watching TV and participate in an exciting and thrilling activity with your friends or family.

Team Building

An Escape Game is a great activity for team building. Co-workers will have to communicate and work together in order to succeed.  The level of teamwork they experience in our games will make them feel a tighter bond than ever before.  After completing one of our rooms, your team will be more productive and better at communicating and become better friends in the office and outside of work!  Our games will help your staff learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which is sure to help improve teamwork at the office.  If your group can make it through the tension of one of our games, the stress at the office will no longer be a problem.  Forget a wilderness retreat; this activity will thrill everyone in your group and help them make memories to last a lifetime!


Escape Rooms or Puzzle Games are perfect for travelers because you can participate in an activity you can’t experience at home!  You will have a fun and exciting bonding experience with your friends or family that you will want to tell everyone about after your trip. Since our games are an indoor experience, you never have to worry about the weather fouling or interrupting your perfect activity. Try one of our games and take a break from mundane vacation activities!

Enjoy Video Games, Puzzles, Board Games?

ConFundrum Escape Rooms is a great activity for people who love puzzles and playing games.  You will love our rooms if you wish you could spend all day playing video games or every day doing puzzles.  While just as exciting and challenging as video games, our games are better because you are really there and part of the action!  You will experience a level of interactivity that can’t be found in any other type of game.  You can touch and move objects with your own hands and listen to sounds in real surroundings instead of through headphones.  Try one of our rooms if you want to experience a fully immersive game experience like you have never seen!