Below are Escape Rooms Reviews we’ve received from our guests for our Escape Rooms

Trip Advisor – “Excellent escape room with challenging puzzles”

We visited just before the second room opened and enjoyed it very much. There are some really challenging puzzles and some nice unexpected twists. It is also priced highly competitively and unlike most escape rooms we came across in the USA, you can book the room out with a smaller group and not have to pay a huge premium. Well worth a visit, especially if you are a small group do not want to share with a whole bunch of strangers

Trip Advisor – “It’s No Mystery: ConFundrum Escape Rooms is Awesome”

ConFundrum Escape Rooms is a fledgling escape room enterprise that has the polish and sheen of a long-standing business, and its craft goes deeper than its veneer. Along with the good looks comes a pleasant, rewarding interior experience replete with satisfying puzzles, friendly service, and fantastic room design. Fans of escape rooms should not miss ConFundrum, and newcomers to the world of escape rooms will feel welcome and at ease thanks to flexible hint policies and helpful staff.

In short, ConFundrum is awesome, and it is more than worth a visit or three.

Visited August 2017

Trip Advisor – “Top-notch escape room”

In passing through Idaho Falls on vacation we thought we’d check out if there were any escape rooms that would make a fun pit stop on our way west. We booked with ConFundrum and were really happy with our experience– the escape room was challenging and the puzzles were top-notch. The owner was especially friendly, and since we were visiting in town, he even gave us a tour of the other room that was currently under construction. I would highly recommend this escape room to anyone looking for a well-designed, challenging, and fun activity!

Visited August 2017

Trip Advisor – “Great Escape Room Experience”

PUZZLE: The owners have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into their Sherlock Holmes room experience. The puzzles are fun and creative, and you are working the whole time you are there. They offer clues upon request, which is a nice way to do it, I think.

ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere of the business itself has potential. It currently looks like a work in progress, with an open seating area when you first walk in, but no front desk or greeter, so you feel like you’ve walked in after hours.

PRICE: For this area, the game is too expensive. I know they have to make rent, but the other game experience in this city (which is no less creative and has three available rooms) is $15, and the one in Rexburg (also three available rooms and only 30 minutes away) is $12. Their prices, though average for escape rooms in big cities, are not competitive for small towns. They did offer a 15% grand opening discount (which still put the room at $22).

Overall, it was an interesting and fun experience which, if I had the funds, I would repeat.

Visited August 2017

Yelp – Denysia “D as in Dinosaur!” Y.

Was in Idaho falls for a conference and saw this place. First off you need to put in a reservation like any other escape room. We tried the Sherlock room and it was fun but we totally did it with a couple of hints of course. I enjoyed it! And would recommend to anyone who lives around here to try it out with some friends or family. By the way the price here is a lot more reasonable than in California! I think one time we paid $50 per person, in California.

I heard from the owner that they are planning on adding additional rooms, so no need to fret in case you try out one room and want to try out another!

This place is a good place to bring kids and family members or even a group of friends if you want to try this out! 🙂

Yelp – MelissaRocky B.

I’ve been to many escape rooms before and this one is great. They offer teen and child pricing which I haven’t seen before. The clues are more on the hint side instead of just giving you the answer. The staff is very nice and welcoming. Winning the room and getting out is a great feeling. Check it out

Google – Jesse Reinosa

Stopped by with some friends on my way to visit some relatives that live near Idaho Falls. The place is located in a business parks with plenty of parking. The staff is very courteous and friendly, and treats everyone from beginners to well seasoned players with personalized attention. The room we played Sherlock’s Studio is super detailed and very fun to play and the surprises you’ll find around the room are just awesome! The puzzles are fun, challenging and more interesting than other escape rooms, that only offer lock box after lock box after lock box or the same types of puzzles and challenges I loved it and will make sure to stop by next time to try another one of their rooms!

Google – Stephanie Anderson

This place is very new but my husband and I solved the first room with a group of friends! There was a variety of puzzles to solve and we moved from room to room as we solved each one. It’s great for families and friends to work together. More rooms are in the making and I can’t wait to try out the new ones!

Google – Emily Hintz

The room looks so cool! The ceiling and props and decorations are all really cool. It was really fun to find the clues and figure out the puzzle. It was a good group activity to go with freinds and have a good time

Facebook – Leslie Calinsky Cheret

This was my first experience at an escape room and it was much more fun than I anticipated! Great clues. Tough, but not impossible.

Facebook – Stephanie Anderson

My first time solving an escape room but it was awesome! I loved the variety of puzzles and the opportunity to work with friends. Can’t wait to see the other rooms!

Facebook – Tony Garate

Me and my two girls did this escape room and they loved it. Very family oriented and friendly. We loved it